Green Spring

Variety CoverMaster
Planting Rate 65 to 105 LBS per Acre
Plant Height 3-4 FT
Life Cycle Annual
Grazing Value Spring Grazing Excellent


Green Spring


This mixture is designed to be planted in early spring to provide an early season hay crop, early summer pasture, or simply terminated to provide a mulch prior to a fall planting of winter wheat. Green Spring is a blend of oats and spring field peas. The oats grow upright, while the peas climb up the oats and fill in gaps in the stand to more effectively utilize sunlight, making for a higher yield than oats alone.


Benefits of Cover Crops

  • Nitrogen Fixing: To generate nitrogen credits beneficial for the next primary crop.
  • Nutrient Scavenging: To consume and temporarily sequester (tie-up) nitrogen or to reclaim unreachable reservoirs of nutrients.
  • Mulching and Organic Matter: To improve soil health (moisture retention and water holding capacity) as well as to reduce soil erosion.
  • Soil conditioning: To reduce soil compaction, fracture hard-pan, and generally improve soil structure.
  • Soil Pest Management: To suppress nematodes and disrupt pest cycles.
  • Upland Birds: Creates brood rearing cover when planted in the spring through late summer.


Components of Green Spring


Cool Season Peas


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