Pollinator Wildflower Mix

Planting Rate 12-15 BULK LBS / ACRE or 0.3 LBS / 1,000 SQ FT
Plant Height 1-3 FT
Maturity 1-2 Years
Life Cycle Annual, biennial and perennial
Environment Part sun to Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry Soils
Bloom Period Spring, Summer and Fall
Flower Color Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple
Pollinator Value High


Pollinator Wildflower Mix


This diverse seed mix will attract and feed pollinators all season long as well as increase the aesthetics of any area it grows.  Pollinator Wildflower Mix will enhance areas small and large near commercial sites, schools, parks and playgrounds.


  • Establish a pollinators paradise with food and habitat
  • Season long color and bloom time
  • Increases aesthetic value for any area large and small
  • Establish in existing native grass stands or as a standalone wildflower mixture
  • Allowing annual wildflowers to establish mature seed for many  years of reseeding
  • Establishment times will vary depending on the specie


Purple Coneflower 10%
Lanceleaf Coreopsis 10%
Perennial Lupine 10%
Dwarf Blue Bachelor Buttons 9%
Partridge Pea 7%
Rocket Larkspur 7%
Indian Blanket 6%
Blue Wild Indigo 6%
Sulphur Cosmos 2%
Lemon Mint 6%
California Poppy 5%
Calendula 4%
Black-Eyed Susan 5%
Gayfeather 5%
Plains Coreopsis 3%
Butterfly Milkweed 2%
Sweet Alyssum 1%
Smooth Blue Aster 1%
Corn Poppy ‘Mixed Colors’ 1%

Mix components and/or percentages may vary due to specie availability.

Mixture will establish and thrive throughout much of the United States.


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