Indian Blanketflower

Plant Height 2 Ft
Seed Count 225,000 Seeds per LB.
Botanical Name Gaillardia pulchella
Life Cycle Annual
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Upland Grassland -Disturbed
Bloom Period May-Sept
Flower Color Red-Yellow
Pollinator Value Good


Indian Blanketflower


Indian Blanketflower is a shorter stature, hardy, drought tolerant annual native to the central United States. Cousin of the perennial Gaillardia aristata, this wildflower establishes easy from seed.


  • Forms dense colonies of brilliant red flowers with yellow rims
  • The flower diameter is slightly smaller than its perennial cousin Gaillardia aristata
  • Prefers well drained, lighter and sandy soils, but adapts well to varying soil types
  • Adapted for full sun and is heat and drought tolerant
  • Good choice for habitat plantings, roadside vegetation and pollinator habitats


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