Bob Dole


AgriPro is leading the way in the development and delivery of superior wheat seed genetics in North America. From our Junction City, Kansas, research center each year more than 2,000 new experimental lines are generated and tested across 25 research and testing sites in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. Only the very best of these experimental lines are advanced as potential AgriPro varieties.

Star Seed is your best source of information on wheat varieties. With their years of experience and expertise in wheat, they can assist you in choosing the right wheat variety for your soil types and management practices. Star Seed is a great source for consistently high quality wheat seed produced across Kansas and Nebraska.

Because they are well adapted and bred for consistent performance, AgriPro varieties offer high-yield potential, good test weights and high-quality grain. Wheat producers like the consistency that AgriPro varieties provide under a wide range of conditions.

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