White Mustard

Variety Ludique
Planting Rate 6 LBS per Acre
Seed Count 97,400 Seeds per LB


A new white mustard variety used in the cover crop industry, Ludique is used not only to control nematodes in the soil, such as the sugar beet nematode (Heterodera schachtii), but also to help control fungal pathogens in the soil such as rhizoctonia, sclerotinia and pythium through the practice of bio-fumigation. Ludique is an early maturing variety with approximately 40-50 days from seedling emergence to time of incorporation into the soil. Ludique can also be used to improve soil organic matter through increased top growth. It’s medium, slender root aids in reducing soil compaction while providing excellent soil control. It’s fast growth and early maturing makes it great for weed control as well.


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