White Dutch Clover

Planting Rate 1-2 LBS / 1,000 SQ FT for Lawns
Plant Height 2 to 8 Inches
Botanical Name Trifolium repens
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment - Full Sun
Preferred Sites - Upland/Grassland - Disturbed
Bloom Period May-October
Flower Color White


White Dutch Clover


White Dutch Clover is a short growing perennial legume which was introduced from Europe but is now naturalized throughout Canada and the United States. A strain of white clover, this specie is closely related to Ladino White Clover, which is the taller of the two species.

  • Very good nitrogen fixing clover
  • Mature heights of 4-6 inches
  • Thrives in cool moist soils
  • Spreads by short stolons
  • Excellent food source for pollinators
  • Very good companion specie in lawns
  • Considered a weed to those who prefer mono-stands of turfgrass
  • Good forage quality, but limited due to the shorter mature height
  • Very good for shady areas


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