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Variety WestBred

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At WestBred wheat, we strive to deliver high-performing wheat seed and all of the training, education and decision-making tools our seed suppliers and growers need to reach their business goals. When you succeed, we succeed. WestBred®wheat varieties are regionally specific and tested locally to assure they will work on your farm. Our varieties must exceed testing standards over multiple locations and years for characteristics such as protein content, milling yields, dough quality, and baking tests before they ever get the "WB" in front of their name.

At WestBred wheat, we know a successful wheat variety can’t just perform well on the yield monitor. Quality is important to you, and it is to us, too. That’s why we define yield as both quantity and quality. We focus on providing wheat varieties with superior yield potential and the highest quality. Because of that focus, WestBred wheat is the recognized industry leader in providing high yielding and high quality wheat varieties.

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