Soybean Inoculants



Inoculants Increase early season vigor by stimulating the plant's hormones responsible for root formation, stem growth, fruit formation, and development. Growers can see an exceptional increase in stand count shortly after emergence. Inoculants can protect against nematodes by activating genes which produce protease inhibitors and trials have demonstrated a considerable bushel yield improvement.

EXCEED Peat Based For Soybeans
Peat Based, Soybean Inoculant.
(1008) 30 unit packet
(1008) case (6/30 unit pkts) Case treats 180 units.
(1009) 6 unit packet
(1009) Case (35/6 unit pkts) Case treats 210 units.

EXCEED Soybean Inoculant.
Traditional Liquid Soybean Inoculant
(1004) 50 unit bladder
(1004) case (4/50 unit pkgs) Liquid Case treats 200 units.
(1003) 200 unit bladder


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