Plant Height 3 to 5 FT
Seed Count 2,100,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Helenium autumnale
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun to Partial Shade
Preferred Sites Mesic Soils
Bloom Period August-October
Flower Color Yellow


A tall, 3-5 feet, perennial member of the Asteraceae family, Sneezeweed can be found across the United States. It prefers full sun and moist soils such as those along open streams, ponds and wet meadows. The name comes from the process that when dry, it can be crushed down to a snuff to induce sneezing. Its bright yellow blooms are noticed from August-October and can be promoted to continue flowereing by removing spent flowers. Its long, showy blooming period makes it a great plant for pollinators and landscaping gardens. The plant can be cut back prior to blooming (5-6 weeks) to increase branching and inhibit falling over.


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