Smooth Bromegrass

Planting Rate 20-25 LBS per Acre
Plant Height 3 FT
Seed Count 236,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Bromus inermis
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Partial Shade to Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry Soils
Grazing Value Very Good


Smooth Bromegrass


An introduced, but naturalized cool season forage type grass that originated from Europe in the late 1800's. Smooth Bromegrass once established, will create a dense sod for erosion control and weed suppression. If a component in a mix, it should be less than 40% of the total mixture, as it could dominate the established stand in the long run.


  • Slower to germinate and establish compared other cool season grasses
  • Aggressive rhizomes create dense sod once established
  • Seed as a monoculture or a component in a mixture
  • Highly effective as an erosion control mixture component
  • Mature height of 3 feet
  • Long-lived perennial
  • Can be difficult to eradicate once established
  • Not a short-term solution for soil erosion or pasture grass
  • If seeded as a monoculture, adding a nurse crop will aid in faster establishment
  • Smooth bromegrass is highly palatable and is high in protein content but relatively low in crude-fiber content


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