Signet 480 FS


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Fungicide Multiple Crops

Count on Signet 480 FS seed treatment for control of seed decay, damping-off and seeling blights caused by many seed-borne and soil-borne organisms. Signet 480 FS helps get your crop off to its best start by reducing devastating loss from early season diseases to help improve your return on investment. Plus, Signet 480 FS offers the quality and value you've come to expect from Nufarm.

Key Performance Benefits:

  • Perventive and curative activity against seed- and soil-borne organisms
  • Can help increase stand and maximize yield by reducing loss from seed decay, damping-off and seedling blights
  • Excellent seed safety
  • High-quality formulation for convenient application

Thiram - Standard rate 2.0 fl oz/cwt

Fungicide / Multiple Crops

2.5 gal jug (2 per case)

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