Senator 600 FS


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Insecticide Multiple Crops

Senator 600 FS seed applied insecticide provides unbeatable protection against the toughest early season pests. It starts working on contact to protect the roots and get seed off to a good start. And with its systemic activity, Senator 600 FS keeps protecting young plants to help ensure a good stand. Plus, Senator offers the seed safety needed for proper crop emergence and stand establishment.

Key Performance Benefits

  • Systemic protection against pests such as wireworms, seed corn maggots, seed corn beetles and corn rootworm
  • Extended control of foliar pests including aphids, leaf beetles, chinch bugs and thrips
  • Safe to seeds and seedlings
  • Can help improve stands and yield
  • Low use rates

Imidacloprid - 5lbs ai/g - 1.6 fl oz/cwt
Insecticide / Multiple Crops
2.5 gal jug (2 per case)
30 gal drum
250 gal tote

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