Sativa IM RTU


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PreMix Fungicide Wheat

There's no need to use multiple products for proven disease protection and insecticidal activity: Sativa IM RTU gives you the convenience of both. Nothing beats the fungicidal actie ingredients in Sativa IM RTU for early season protection against a broad spectrum of damaging cereal diseases. Sativa IM RTU also gives you the added advantage of protection against wireworms on seed and young seedlings. Plus, you get the performance and value you've come to expect from Nufarm seed treatment products.

Key Performance Benefits:

  • Protects seed and young seedlings against a variety of devastating diseases such as bunt, Septoria and rust
  • Contains imidacloprid for suppression of wireworms
  • Systemic activity to give seedlings best chance for a strong start
  • Convenient, easy-to-use formulation

Premixed Imidacloprid (low rate) +Tebuconazole + Metaloxyl in red slurry designed to be applied at 5 fluid oz per 100 lbs of seed; alternative to Raxil MD-W

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