Roundhead Lespedeza

Plant Height 3-4 FT
Seed Count 130,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Lespedeza capitata
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry Soils _ Upland/Grassland
Bloom Period June-August
Flower Color White
Grazing Value Very Good


Roundhead Lespedeza


Roundhead Lespedeza or Roundhead Bush Clover is a member of the bean family and found in the eastern half of the United States. This intermediate height legume is an important food source for various wildlife.


  • Blooms June through August with white, rough, clover-like heads
  • Cold stratification is encouraged prior to seeding in spring
  • Dormant seeding in late fall or early winter aids in scarifying the seed
  • Found in dry soils of upland prairies where it thrives in the full sun
  • Its seeds are utilized by many types of wildlife and the plant itself is sought after by cattle for grazing
  • Deer resistant specie


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