Planting Rate 4 to 8 LBS per Acre
Seed Count 157,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Brassica napus
Grazing Value Good


An annual, considered neither legume nor grass. It is used exclusively for pasture. A good supplemental or emergency pasture for hogs and sheep. Its nutritional value is nearly equal to legumes. Rape prefers fertile, rich well-drained soils and is a heavy user of nitrogen. It is high in protein, calcium and phosphorus. Caution should be used in feeding milk cows, as rape has a tendency to flavor the milk. Resembles Rutabaga Turnips in leaf and stalk, but is more thrifty and rank. A crop is ready for grazing in 8 to 10 weeks, and is relished as green feed by all stock, but especially hogs and poultry. Rape is popular for “greens” on the table. Rape can be seeded in an emergency and within about 8-10 weeks will provide a pasture, which compares favorably with alfalfa.

Seed may be sown in drills or broadcast. Broadcast at 8 pounds or sow at 4-6 pounds per acre. Usually seeded in the spring in the Northern Corn Belt and in the fall in the southern states. Frequently it is seeded alone; however, a mixture of oats and rape allows somewhat earlier grazing than rape alone. As the oat pasture passes its peak, the rape continues to grow and furnish high-quality pasture even into the cool fall months.


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