Quick Chop BMR

Variety Quick Chop
Planting Rate 5-6 lbs
Plant Height 7-9 FT
Seed Count 18,000 Seeds per LB
Maturity Early
Life Cycle Annual
Environment Full Sun


Quick Chop-Short Season BMR Forage Sorghum


Quick Chop is a short season hybrid forage sorghum for single cut silage. This hybrid grows quickly making it suitable for double cropping after wheat harvest. Quick Chop should be ready to harvest in 90 days to soft dough.


  • This variety is a full height BMR
  • Quality is exceptional due to BMR genetics, good grain yield, a very high leaf to stem ratio, and lack of a hard rind on the stems
  • The quick maturity makes it a good fit after small grains or in short water environment
  • 90 days to soft dough




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