Proso Millet

Variety Star Seed
Planting Rate 15 to 25 LBS per Acre
Plant Height 2-3 FT
Seed Count 150,000 Seeds per LB
Maturity 60-65 Days To Mid-Bloom


Proso Millet is primarily harvested for grain. Proso is a very water efficient, short-season grain crop. The grain feed value is similar to barley and the yield is sometimes as high as sixty bushel per acre. The seeds are large and vary in color from white, yellow, and red. In the United States it is used primarily as feed grain, in birdseed mixtures, and as food crop for game birds. It has poor forage value due to prickly hairs on the leaves. It is often used in wildlife food plots for game birds due to its early maturity and and short height, which puts the grain heads within reach of pheasants.


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