Prairie June Grass

Plant Height 6 - 24 Inches
Seed Count 3,200,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Koeleria macrantha
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full to Partial Sun
Preferred Sites Dry Upland Soils


Prairie Junegrass is a perennial cool season bunchgrass. It greens up early in the spring and provides good early spring forage and fair late spring forage for livestock. The narrow leaves form small basal clusters with several seedheads.

Junegrass is cold, heat and drought tolerant and grows on rangeland meadows, plains, mountains foothills and open forestlands. It is best adapted to well drained soils such as sandy loams.

It is best when seeded in the spring. Seed reaches maturity in July and August depending on latitude and elevation. Prairie Junegrass may be vulnerable to some insects such as the striped flea beetle which will cause the lead tops to wilt.


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