Variety Nutrimaxx BMR
Planting Rate DRILLED - 13-24 LBS/AC-Dryland _ DRILLED - 22-32 LBS/AC-Irrigated
Plant Height 7-9 FT
Seed Count 17,000 Seeds per Acre
Yield 8-10 Tons per Acre Potential
Maturity 90 - 100 Days to Mid-Bloom
Preferred Sites Irrigated and Dryland
Grazing Value Excellent - Rotational / Continuous




NutriMaxx is a Brown Mid-Rib (BMR) Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrid with exceptional palatability and with the addition of a BMR gene that has shown marked reductions of Lignin content in the plant.


  • Offers excellent hay quality, heavy pasturing, superior drought tolerance, and wide adaptability
  • Begin grazing at 24 inches.
  • Minimize over-grazing less than 8 inches with rotational grazing
  • Cut for hay at 24 inches or higher
  • For best results, hay between 24 to 36 inches
  • Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) will be greatly reduced if NutriMaxx is allowed to reach full maturity
  • Planting rates drilled: Dryland 13-24 LBS / Acre - Irrigated 22-32 LBS / Acre
  • Seed once soil temperatures have reached at least 60 degrees


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