Native Tallgrass Mix

Variety Star Seed
Planting Rate 8 PLS LBS per Acre
Plant Height 3-6 FT
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry Soils, Upland
Grazing Value Very Good


Native Tallgrass Mix


Native Tallgrass Mix by Star Seed is a simple, yet diverse mixture of warm season native grasses that offers aesthetics, soil stabilization, weed suppression and wildlife habitat.


  • Mature heights ranging from 3-6 FT
  • Comprised of four warm season native grasses
  • Use for grazing, wildlife habitat, natural barrier or landscaping
  • All species will thrive in most climatic regions in the United States
  • Once established, species are heat and drought tolerant
  • Sustainable with low maintenance and low input requirements


Big Bluestem


Sideoats Grama



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