Maryland Deer Cover Native Grass Mix

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Life Cycle Perennial


Maryland Deer Cover Native Grass Mix


Maryland Deer Cover Native Grass Mixes are unique blends of native warm and cool season grasses specifically designed by wildlife biologists and agronomists to meet the deer’s four greatest cover needs – bedding cover, escape cover, thermal cover and fawning cover. Each blend is specifically designed for unique geographic locations. Select the mix that best suits your area. Ordered on a per acre basis.


State Wide Mix _ DRY

Well Drained Soil - 20% Big Bluestem, 5% Little Bluestem, 15% Indiangrass, 3% Sand Lovegrass, 8% Side Oats Grama, 25% Switchgrass, 5% Eastern Gama, 5% Sand Dropseed, 8% Canada Wildrye, 8% Virginia Wildrye


State Wide Mix _ WET

Poorly Drained Soil - 24% Big Bluestem, 6% Little Bluestem, 9% Indiangrass, 35% Switchgrass, 6% Eastern Gama, 3% Sand Dropseed, 6% Canada Wildrye, 12% Virginia Wildrye


Maryland Deer Cover Mix _ 2022


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