Magnum Sterile Hybrid Forage Sorghum

Variety Magnum
Planting Rate Variable for Dryland and Irrigated Planting
Plant Height 7-9 FT
Seed Count 15,500 Seeds per LB
Yield 8-15 Tons per Acre
Maturity 70 Days to Mid bloom – 95 Day Maturity


Magnum hybrid forage sorghum had a wide area of adaptation. Unlike open pollinated forages [sumac/rox orange], Magnum genetics include ‘heterosis’; a term used in hybridized plants, denoting greater plant vigor and production capabilities. Magnum demonstrates greater plant vigor and emergence than open pollinated varieties. Excellent tolerance to drought, with higher yields have made Magnum the choice over all open pollinated varieties. Magnum is a male sterile hybrid, producing no gain, unless foreign pollen from a sorghum type plant is made available. Male sterility means the plant will not translocate nutrients for grain or seed production. All of the nutrients remain in the leaves and vegetative plant tissue, producing very high quality forage.

GRAZING: The greater palability of Magnum is largely due to the nutrients stay in the stalk and leaves. Begin grazing around 36". Divide grazing area and roate when plants are grazed down to around 8".

HAYING: May be cut anytime after it reaches 48" but maximum quality is between 48 to 60 inces high.

Plant when soil temperature is at least 60 degrees for best results.

Please note that all Magnum and Magnum Ultra product orders will be fullfilled as 80% LDP eligible (with a pollinator mixed in) product unless otherwise specifically ordered as male sterile. Male sterile product is available at the same price, but should be ordered early to assure availability at planting.

Seeding Rates: Dryland - 15-20 LBS per Acre Drilled _ Irrigated - 20-24 LBS per Acre Drilled

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