Keystone Peas

Variety Keystone Peas
Planting Rate 30 to 40 LBS per Acre
Life Cycle Annual


Keystone Winter Peas


This pea species is a cool-season, annual legume crop that is primarily used for cover crops, winter grazing, and wildlife food plots. Keystone Peas have a low temperature threshold and allow it a greater chance to survive the winter.



  • Excellent nitrogen fixer
  • Mildly winter hardy
  • Inoculant is highly recommended
  • Seeding rate of 30-60 LBS/Acre
  • Seeding depth of 1.5 to 2 inches
  • Beneficial rotational crop to help reduce disease and other pests
  • Very good green manure cover crop legume
  • Good mixer with Small Grains




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