K-31 Tall Fescue

Variety K-31
Planting Rate 10 LBS / 1000 SQ FT
Seed Count 225,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Festuca arundinacea
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun to Partial Shade
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry Soils


K-31 Tall Fescue


K-31 Tall Fescue is a wide bladed and light colored tall fescue compared to today’s improved turf type tall fescues. This introduced, cool season grass does possess superior heat and drought tolerance and is highly adaptable in much of the United States.


  • Withstands heavy traffic, reduced maintenance, and poor soils
  • Will respond well to increased maintenance and inputs
  • Once established, it develops a deep root system that gives it very good heat and drought tolerance
  • Performs well in lawns where durability and cost are more important than refined texture
  • This tall fescue variety does contain endophytes that can be harmful to grazing animals


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