Packer HGY Forage Sorghum

Variety Packer HGY
Planting Rate Variable for Dryland and Irrigated
Plant Height 6-7 FT
Seed Count 16,000 Seeds per LB
Maturity 85-90 Days to Mid-Bloom


Packer HGY Forage Sorghum


Packer HGY is an outstanding conventional forage hybrid sorghum with great palatability that facilitates improved utilization, milk production, weaning weights, and increased daily gains.


  • Proven high grain yield producer with good standing strength
  • Preferred by top producers and a top silage producer in the Kansas State University Forage Trials
  • Not typically used for summer grazing
  • High protein content and total digestible nutrients
  • Mature heights of 6-7
  • Seeding Rates: Dryland - 5-6 LBS Row Planted¬† _¬† Irrigated - 6-8 LBS Row Planted
  • Excellent nutritional value for lactating cows and growing livestock
  • High grain-to-stover ratio significantly increases digestible dry matter


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