Hybrid Forage Brassica

Variety Winfred, Pajsa
Planting Rate 4 to 5 LBS per Acre
Seed Count 180000 Seeds per LB


Pasja or Winfred can be used to supplement or extend the grazing season when cool season pastures slow down because of summer heat or the cold. They can add high quality forage to the summer diet. Pasja re-grows along with the summer annual grasses for multiple grazings. Both Pasja and Winfred provide excellent tonnage and high quality forage to the mix for multiple grazings. Pasja also works well if sown after a cereal crop is harvested for late-summer/fall grazing.

Pasja and Winfred can also be used as a break crop in order to convert older pastures to differnet species and newer varieties. An annual crop gives a bigger window to eliminate the old undesirable forage through the use of herbicides, tillage and competition of the brassica crop itself.


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