Goldenrod, Riddell

Plant Height 3 FT
Seed Count 1,500,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Solidago riddellii
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Wet to Mesic Soils
Bloom Period July-October
Flower Color Yellow
Pollinator Value Very Good

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Riddell Goldenrod grows up to 3 feet tall. Tiny yellow flowers in a dense domed cluster of small heads form at the top of plant. Leaves are distinctive: linear, folded lengthwise, and arched away from the stem. Blooms in August throughout September.

HABITAT: Wet to mesic prairies and calcareous fens.

INSECT ATTRACTION: Bees attracted: High numbers (more than 5 bees per meter square in a 30 second sample) of bees including yellow-faced bees, Andrenid bees, sweat bees, small and large carpenter bees, digger bees, and bumble bees; also highly attractive to honey bees. In addition to beneficial insects, many insects were seen at this plant, including locust borer. This was the fifth most attractive late-season plant to natural enemies, with four times as many natural enemies as the grass control.


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