Golden Alexander

Plant Height 3 Ft.
Seed Count 180,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Zizia aurea
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun - Partial Sun
Preferred Sites Upland/Grassland
Bloom Period May-June
Flower Color Yellow
Pollinator Value Very Good


Golden Alexander


Golden Alexander is a perennial forb that is generally found in the eastern half of the United States. This attracts many pollinators and other insects with beautiful yellow flowers that bloom late spring.


  • Perennial forb with mature height up to 3 feet
  • Bloom period late spring lasting 30 days
  • Grows in colonies and prefers full sun to partial shade
  • Adapts best in moist, loamy soils
  • Commonly found near moist to mesic woodlands
  • Valued specie in wildflower gardens
  • Attracts butterflies and other beneficial insects


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