Forage Turnips

Variety Appin, 7 Top
Planting Rate 3 to 5 LBS per Acre
Seed Count 200,000 Seeds per LB
Life Cycle Annual
Grazing Value Excellent

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Forage Turnips


Forage Turnips are an annual brassica crop that has a significantly higher proportion of leaf yield compared to other turnips and with higher digestibility.


  • Turnips have a much higher ratio of leaf to root than purple top turnips
  • Planting dates of July to early September
  • Monostand seeding rate 5 LBS per acre at a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch
  • High yielding and high quality forage qualities
  • Intended for grazing and are an excellent choice for forage for deer
  • High seedling vigor and fast establishment
  • For extended grazing, plant in early to mid-summer


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