Forage Radish

Planting Rate 6 to 8 LBS per Acre
Seed Count 32,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Raphanus sativus
Life Cycle Annual


Forage Radish


Forage Radish is primarily planted for the purpose of alleviating soil compaction, and secondarily for providing late fall forage for livestock. This member of the brassica family grows rapidly in cool weather periods in the fall.


  • Radishes scavenge nitrogen deep within the soil profile
  • Alleviates surface and subsoil compaction
  • Seeding dates of mid August to Mid September
  • Seeding rates of 8 LBS per acre as a monoculture or 3-4 LBS within a mixture
  • Optimum seeding depth is ½ inch
  • Allow the plant to reach mature height before grazing
  • Very good weed suppressor
  • Good mixer with annual rye and clovers


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