Crimson Clover

Planting Rate 10-20 LBS per Acre
Plant Height 1-2 FT
Seed Count 135,000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Trifolium incarnatum
Life Cycle Annual
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites - Upland/Grassland - Disturbed
Bloom Period May-July
Flower Color Red
Pollinator Value Very Good
Grazing Value Very Good


Crimson Clover


This clover is an introduced, winter annual that is seeded in the fall for use the following Spring. Growing to 1-2 feet, this specie is a highly beneficial and useful legume.


  • Legume Seed should be inoculated when seeding into poor soils
  • Very good forage quality with high protein and palatability
  • Commonly used as a green manure
  • Very good pollinator habitat and food source
  • Fall seeded
  • Adapts to varying soil type
  • Crimson Clover adapts to poorer soils better than other clovers
  • Very good seed vigor and fast establishment
  • Nitrogen fixing legume


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