Variety Red Ripper
Planting Rate 30-60 LBS per Acre
Plant Height 2-3 FT
Seed Count 3,600 Seeds per Pound
Botanical Name Vigna unguiculata
Life Cycle Annual
Bloom Period May-August
Grazing Value Very Good




Cowpeas are a summer annual legume that can provide high protein summer hay or pasture. Similar to soybeans, but are more tolerant of heat and drought, with softer stems and better regrowth after grazing.


  • Better at nitrogen fixing then soybeans
  • Best planted in Spring when ground temps above 60 degrees
  • Seeding rate of 30-60 LBS per acre as a monoculture
  • Seeding depth of one inch
  • Inoculate seed for best results
  • Forage uses include pasture, silage and hay
  • Very good summer forage for deer and other wildlife
  • Excellent erosion control and weed suppression properties


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