Planting Rate 5-8 LBS per Acre as a Monoculture _ 1-2 LBS per Acre in a Mixture
Plant Height 2-3 FT
Seed Count 400.000 Seeds per LB
Botanical Name Cichorium intybus
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Disturbed, Dry Sites
Bloom Period Mid Summer to Early Fall
Pollinator Value Good
Grazing Value Very good as a mixture component




Chicory is a perennial herb, a forage crop that has large, dandelion-like leaves and is high in nutritional value. This cool season member of the sunflower originated from Europe but is now found in much of North America.


  • Very good drought tolerance due to the deep taproot
  • Remains green throughout the warm summer months
  • Seed in spring at a rate of 5-8 LBS/Acre as a monoculture or 1-2 LBS/ Acre as part of a mixture
  • Deer will prefer over other plants
  • Works well within food plot mixes with clovers and legumes
  • Prefers well to moderately well drained soils
  • Is a low growing rosette with broad leaves


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