Canada Wildrye

Planting Rate Drilled: 10 to 12 PLS LBS per Acre
Plant Height 4 Ft.
Seed Count 115,000 Seeds per Pound
Botanical Name Elymus canadensis
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun to Partial Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic to Dry or Well Drained Soil _ Bottomlands-Ditches-Riverbanks
Grazing Value Fair


Canada Wildrye


Canada Wildrye is a cool-season, native bunchgrass that is distributed throughout much of the United States. This intermediate height native grass establishes fast for quick cover and valuable component in erosion control mixes.


  • Commonly found along ditches, stream banks and in prairies
  • Adapts well to moist or dry, sandy or rocky soils
  • Fair palatability for livestock and wildlife
  • Works well as a mix component with warm season grasses
  • Mature height of 3 feet
  • Very good seedling vigor and fast establishing
  • Very effective soil erosion control
  • Seed in spring, or dormant seed in late fall


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