Blue Jointgrass, Canada

Plant Height 3-4 Ft.
Seed Count 4,500,000 Seeds Per LB
Botanical Name Calamagrostis candensis
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun to Partial Shade
Preferred Sites Wet to Mesic Soils

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Bluejoint is a long lived perennial cool season grass with stout stems that grow 60 to 180 cm tall. Thre are 3 to 8 prominent joints along the stem. Leaves are ribbed, lax, and rough to the touch. The flower head is rather narrow to open and loosely branches, upright to drooping when mature. Flowering occurs in late June or July and matures in August.

ADAPTATION Bluejoint can be found ina wide variety of environments including meadows, open woods or swamps. It thrives in more nutrient rich, saturated soils that are moist all summer. However stands have maintained themselves for several years in permanent standing water at similar depths.

ESTABLISHMENT Bluejoint seed has no dormancy and germinates when fall or spring sown. The basal haris on the seed should be removed with a debearder to improve seed flow.

MANAGEMENT This species is sensitive to overgrazing in som regions. Foliage is most palatable when young, prior to seed head maturation. Most soil conditions may restrict spring grazing. Livestock utilization should be timed accounding to how dry the soils are and the stage of plant maturity.

HEIGHT: 24" to 48"


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