Blue Grama

Variety Bad River, Lovington, Hachita
Planting Rate Pasture: 1 to 1.5 PLS lbs/acre Lawn: 3 to 4 PLS/1000 sq. ft
Plant Height 2 Ft.
Seed Count 712,000 per lb.
Botanical Name Bouteloua gracillis
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Dry to Mesic Soils
Grazing Value Very Good


Blue Grama


Blue Grama is a native perennial, warm-season grass that is found throughout the United States except many Southeastern states. Along with Buffalograss, this drought tolerant species ranks as the most important for shortgrass prairies.


Star Seed offers several varieties that offer distinct advantages for forage quality, heat and drought tolerance and low maintenance qualities.



  • Establishes readily and has consistent plant performance compared to native harvests.
  • Bred to be a northern variety
  • Very good low maintenance qualities



  • Establishes fast and east from seed.
  • It has narrow, blue-green leaves that form dense mounds.
  • Adapts well in drier, southern state climates
  • Hachita Blue Grama performs well in varying soils types.



  • Excellent seedling vigor and fast establishing.
  • Very good heat and drought tolerance


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