Blazing Star, Rough Gayfeather

Plant Height 2-3 Ft.
Seed Count 250,000 Seeds per LB.
Botanical Name Liatris aspera
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Upland/Grassland
Bloom Period August-September
Flower Color Purple
Pollinator Value Very Good

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Found across the eastern half of the United States, rough blazingstar grows well in medium to dry soils with full sun exposure. Highly attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators, the bright purple blossoms open up from August-September. Growing from 2-4 feet in height, this deep rooted perennial can be seen growing in upland grass and open woodlands throughout its distributed range. This species is noticeably rougher than others in the Liatris genus, hence the common name.


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