Beebalm, Plains

Plant Height 2-3 Ft.
Botanical Name Monarda pectinata
Life Cycle Annual
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Upland/Grassland
Bloom Period May-July
Flower Color White
Pollinator Value Very Good

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Native to the western United States, Plains Beebalm can be found from Texas to South Dakota and West to Oregon and California. Commonly referred to as Pony Beebalm, this annual member of the Lamiaceae family prefers to grow in full sunlight and medium, well drained soils. Reaching a height from 2-4 feet, it is topped with white/pink flowers when in bloom from May-July. This early bloom period makes it an attractive stop for many butterflies and bees. Shallow fall seeding after last frost date will allow for natural stratification and can provide good germination in the spring.


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