Asylum – Insane Deer Bedding

Variety Star Seed
Planting Rate 6 PLS LBS per Acre
Plant Height 4-6 Ft.
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic Soils
Grazing Value Very Good


Asylum - Insane Deer Bedding Mix


Asylum - Insane Deer Bedding Mix is an absolute must if you are wanting to maximize the potential of your deer herd!


  • Comprised of carefully selected native grass varieties designed to provide superior bedding and escape cover for whitetail deer
  • Mixture of perennial warm season native grasses
  • All species are well adapted for many regions of the United States.
  • Species have mature height of up to 5-6 FT
  • Very good heat and drought tolerance


Switchgrass, Cave in Rock

Switchgrass, Kanlow

Big Bluestem



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