All-Star FACW Wetland Mix

Planting Rate 15-18 LBS/Ac-Drilled _ 18-20 LBS/Ac-Broadcast
Plant Height 2-6 Feet as a Mix
Maturity 1-4 Years
Life Cycle Annuals and Perennials
Environment Partial to Full Sun
Preferred Sites Mesic, Wet to Saturated Soils
Bloom Period Forbs - April to October
Pollinator Value Very Good


All-Star FACW Wetland Mix


All-Star FACW Wetland Mix is a comprehensive mixture of sedges, rushes, wildflowers and grasses formulated to withstand wet to saturated soils. The species are adapted for the Great Plains and Midwest wetland boundaries.


  • Wetlands are important to many ecosystems in the way they...
    • Filter pollutants
    • Provide food and shelter for aquatic life, birds and mammals
    • Serve as a carbon sink
    • Restore floodwaters
    • Provide recreation
  • Mixture contains wetland forbs, sedges, rushes and grasses
  • Adapted for areas with wet to saturated soils
  • Wetland restoration can take 1-4 years for full establishment
  • Seed April to June or dormant seed November to February
  • Seeding rate of 15-18 LBS per acre when drill seeded
  • Mix components are subject to change due to supply


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