Planting Rate 6-8 lb per acre
Seed Count 1,230,000 per lb.
Botanical Name Phleum pratense


Timothy is a small-tufted, short-lived cool-season, bunch grass. It stands with erect culms.

AREA OF ADAPTATION: Timothy is widely used in the Northern U.S. and Mountainous West. It thrives in deep, fertile, loamy, silty, clayey soils of humid zones. If adequately moist, it adapts to thin, gravelly and rocky soil. It is grown from sea level to alpine elevations.

PLANTING: Timothy seed should be drilled at 1/2 inch depth in moist soil, 3/4 inch in drier, coarser soils and 1/4 inch in moist or finer soils. Plant during the two month period most favorable for rapid seed germination and seeding growth.

MANAGEMENT: This species is traditionally prized for horse hay and as a dominant in irrigated mountain meadow mixtures. It is planted more often for hay than for pasture. After cutting for hay, it is often used for grazing. Good palatability to livestock form spring through fall. Do not graze until new seedlings head out. The best hay yields are found when harvested in bloom stages. Meadows should be grazed on a rotation plan. Harrow or drag meadows and fertilize annually.

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