Sunflowers, “Dove Kandy”

Variety PF/QF
Planting Rate 1 bag/4-5 acres


Sunflowers rank first among the favorite foods of doves (and other wildlife!) and Dove Kandy Sunflowers drive doves, game birds, and songbirds wild!! These small, black-seeded, high oil varieties are chock-full of energy. They are just the ticket to draw in doves to early fall shooting fields. A 25 lb. bag plants 4-5 acres, and can be established with planters, or broadcast seeders. These are not Clearfield Sunflowers.

Specific mixture of diverse maturing sunflowers. Enhanced with MicroNutrients. This product is NOT Concep-treated, and is NOT Roundup Ready (it is not Glyphosate Tolerant).

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