Scarlet Globemallow

Planting Rate 4-14 inches
Botanical Name Sphaeralcea coccinea
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Preferred Sites Upland/Grassland - Disturbed
Bloom Period May-August
Flower Color Pink


A short perennial forb/shrub, scarlet globemallow is a low growing warm season member of the Malvacea family. It can be found in dry to arid climates in the western half of the United States and Canada. It spread by rhizomes from its large tap root which helps it thrive in droughty conditions. Many different soil types are tolerated and it grows best in full sun. The orange/pink flower can be noticed from May-August in small clusters throughout the plant. Scarlet globemallow is frequented by pollinators and can be used in hard to water landscaping areas. It is commonly grazed by cattle, deer, pronghorns and small mammals so caution should be taken to not over graze. Shallow (<1/4”), late fall seeding’s allow for natural stratification and will produce growth the following spring/early summer.

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