Botanical Name Silphium integrifolium
Life Cycle Perennial
Environment - Full Sun
Preferred Sites - Upland/Grassland - Disturbed
Bloom Period July-Septmebr
Flower Color Yellow


Rosinweed is native to the eastern and central portions of the United States and Canada. It can be mistaken for milkweed in its vegetative state and sunflowers in its floral state. A fast growing plant, 2-4 feet in height, it is very fast to mature. Preference to grow in full sun and dry well drained soils, it is very tolerant of droughty soil conditions with its deep taproot. While blooming with bright yellow flowers from July-September, it produces a resin that was chewed as a gum by Native Americans. Rosinweed is a great choice for gardens and hard to water landscape areas due to its quick growth, drought tolerance and rigid stem which keeps it from falling over.

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