Orchard Grass

Variety Potomac
Planting Rate 15-20 lb per acre
Seed Count 416,000 per lb.


Potomac Orchardgrass is used extensively in the High Plains regions of the Great Plains. It is very leafy and erect. This variety produces considerable forage with good management. It is superior to many varieties in persistence and rust resistance. Orchardgrass is a long-lived, cool season bunchgrass.

AREA OF ADAPTATION: This grass has been grown in the US for many years. In the Western Great Plains, it is most often used in irrigated pastures. In higher elevations, it is seeded in Aspen sites.

PLANTING: The best time for establishing Orchardgrass is during August under irrigation. At higher elevations, seed in the early summer.

MANAGEMENT: Orchardgrass is used most often in irrigated pastures. It is subject to winterkill if allowed to go into winter in a dry or low vigor condition. It should not be grazed lower than a 4-inch leaf height. Allow a recovery interval between use.

PLANTING DATES: March - May, August - September

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