Midwest Wildflower Seed Mixture

Planting Rate 12 - 15 BULK LBS PER ACRE
Life Cycle Annual, Biennial and Perennial
Environment Full Sun
Bloom Period Spring to Fall
Flower Color Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red
Pollinator Value High


Midwest Wildflower Seed Mixture is loaded with diverse color, varying bloom periods and mature heights to create a beautiful sight on any site! Comprised of fast establishing annuals and long lived perennials, Midwest Wildflower Seed Mixture will provide high aesthetic value along with food and habitat for pollinators.


Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Perennial Lupine
Annual Baby's Breath
Partridge Pea
Clasping Coneflower
Indian Blanket
Blue Flax
Sweet William Pinks
Purple Coneflower
California Poppy
Siberian Wallflower
Black-Eyed Susan
Rocket Larkspur
Corn Poppy ‘Mixed Colors’
Plains Coreopsis


Midwest Wildflower Seed Mixture will thrive throughout the Midwestern United States.

Mixes may vary occasionally due to seed availability.


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