Honey Bee Mix

Planting Rate 6 PLS lbs/ac
Plant Height 1-3 Ft.
Life Cycle Perennial/Annual Mix
Environment Full Sun
Bloom Period Spring, Summer and Fall
Flower Color Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red


Star Seed's Honey Bee Wildflower Seed Mixture will be habitat heaven for bees and other pollinators all season long while also adding a diverse element of beauty for any size area. This mixture can be established in rural and urban areas alike. Plant on commercial sites, parks, schools, cemeteries or any area that needs some color and habitat for pollinators.

  • Maximilian Sunflower
  • Red Clover
  • Sainfoin
  • White Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Hoary Vervain
  • Purple Prairie Clover
  • Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Western Yarrow
  • Partridge Pea
  • Crimson Clover
  • Clasping Coneflower
  • Lemon Mint
  • Indian Blanket
  • Alsike Clover
  • Blackeyed Susan
  • Ladino White Clover
  • Lanceleaf Coreopsis

Honey Bee Wildflower Seed Mixture will establish and thrive in most of the United States.

Mixture components can vary due to seed availability.

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