Dropseed, Prairie

Plant Height 2 ft.
Botanical Name Sporobolus heterolepis


Prairie Dropseed is a native prairie bunchgrass. It produces a magnificent fountain of fine-textured emerald green leaves.  It has an upright, arching growth habit; as the seed ripens it droops over. The plant turns a golden yellow in the fall. This plant is often used in landscaping and naturescaping.

AREA OF ADAPTATION/PLANTING: Common across the midwest states through the Northeast and across eastern Canada.  It is hardy in USDA zones 3 - 8. Slow growing, at only two feet high, it works well on any well-drained soil or dry soil.

MANAGEMENT:  Prairie dropseed does not complete well with other taller, faster establishing species.  Once established, periodic burning during winter dormancy is beneficial.

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