Blue Ribbon 3D Hybrid Sudangrass BMR

Variety Star Seed
Planting Rate 12 to 18 lb/acre
Plant Height 5-6 ft.
Seed Count 22,500 seeds/lb
Maturity 60 days to mid bloom


Blue Ribbon 3-D is a hybrid BMR sudangrass with extremely fine stems that crimp very well, making for a product that dries out very rapidly compared to other sorghum products used for hay. It matures faster than sorghum-sudans or forage sorghums, and needs cut on a more frequent basis. The stems have a high sugar content, making this extremely palatable to cattle. The rapid drydown makes it a good fit for more humid areas where other sorghums do not dry down well, and the high palatability make it a good fit for receiving cattle or show cattle. The high number of seeds per pound allow for a lower seeding rate than other products, making the cost per acre similar to other products of lesser quality and performance.

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