Mother’s Earth Garden Covers

Cover Cropping is a great way to sustain life in your soil during the growing season or the cold winter months. Mother’s Earth Covers are blends of cover crops designed for the gardner or small acrage owner. Our mixes are designed specifically for a number of agronomic benefits for soil, water, wildlife, and insects. Whether it is soil compation break-up, nitrogen fixation, weed suppression, or green manure you are after we have the right blend.

Mother’s Earth Pollinator mixes are blends of annual, biennial, and perennial prairie plants and flowers designed to provide a sequence of pollen and nectar from early spring through late fall. These mixes include plants that many of our desappearing native pollinating prairie insects and introduced Honey Bees depended upon. These mixes are designed for specific geographic locations, some will provide quick short-term benefits annually while others will provide benefits for many years.

Mother’s Earth Covers are “Recommended Products for Wiser Living” by Mother Earth News, The Original Guide to Living Wisely